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If you blacklisted it means that the credit bureau has listed your name as someone who has a bad credit record from being under debt review, having a judgement against your name or being listed as a bad payer. This means that you’re not able to get a loan with financial institutions. We help blacklisted people get  personal loans from different financial institutions.

Being blacklisted  means you have a bad credit history, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to get finance from any financial institution. Getting a blacklisted personal loan from a registered credit provider has never been easier! We lend responsibly, treat our customers fairly, and help people to achieve their dreams.

There are no hidden charges. We make all our fees completely clear upfront before you apply.

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What is a Study Loan?

Not sure how you’re going to pay for your studies? We’ll help you get finance for your tuition, textbooks, accommodation ext.

Do I have to provide collateral to secure my personal loan?

No, you don’t as a Personal Loan is unsecured.

Do I need to obtain permission from my spouse in order to take out a loan?

If you are married in community of property or under customary or foreign law, you will require consent from your spouse to enter into any credit agreement.